Liberation through the Lens

This morning I got out to the beach pretty early. Well, at least an hour after my alarm went off but all the same it was still nice and early, the air was fresh, the beach was beautiful aaaahhh I couldn’t help but feel so recharged and energized by the early morning sun. Just me the beach and my camera. There is something really liberating about being with nature and away from the computers, the telephones, TV’s, social media and all that other mind numbing stuff.

Here’s a few of the pics I took this morning. I’ve done some work Post Production as usual on them to further enhance or go for a type of look that I liked at the time of editing. Please leave a comment at the bottom with your thoughts.

There’s something about the image above that I love. Maybe just the simplicity, the texture of the ground or the beautiful blue sky. Oh and of course I LOVE MY FISH EYE LENSE! 🙂

You know me and fishermen. One of the beauties of getting up early is seeing the fishermen in action. Perfect conditions for the fish and they were biting too!

Just checking out the surf. On this image I’ve really pushed the post-processing aspect of it but I hope you like it!

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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