Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for commercial work?

Yes, I often get asked about this and I’m more than happy to discuss your requirements and what you’re looking for. Don’t be a stranger Contact me now!

Do you do regular photo shoots? (e.g. families, children, babies, couples, weddings, dress trashing)

Yes, I do all of the above. I try not to make any photo shoot ‘regular’ or ‘ordinary’ rather, I always shoot for the extraordinary, amazing, WOW! If everyone who sees your images after I have shot and edited them doesn’t say “WOW that’s amazing” or “WOW! that looks incredible” then I will be deeply disappointed! (pppssssst…That never happens!)

If you would like to book a shoot with me please contact me anytime to discuss.

Do you do your own Post-Production?

Absolutely, I personally handle all image editing, retouching and compositions. With just under 20 years experience your image is going to get some experienced loving! 🙂

Note: I do not outsource this vital part of the creative process overseas to take advantage of cheap 3rd world labor.

Where are you based?

Gold Coast, Australia. However I have and enjoy working on projects worldwide.

Can you do a ‘Levitation shot’ for me?

Sure, we can discuss your requirements, ideas and collaborate together about creating a real piece of art work for you!

Do you do seminars and workshops?

Ahhh, good question. I’ve been asked so many times and probably should. If you’re interested in a workshop or even one-on-one training let me know. I’m always open to ideas and suggestions. I’ve done training in many different environments from one-one-one to classroom environments!

Is it expensive to have you do my photos?

I’m not the cheapest photographer around but you can be confident in knowing I don’t do cheap work. If you want the cheapest price around then probably get your “Uncle Bill or Aunt Susie” to take a couple of photos for you. If you’re looking for a professional creative result then contact me.

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