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The day before

The day before my beautiful wife gave birth to our first son on the 10th January 2012. Mandy had been talking to me for weeks about doing some maternity shots and I guess the timing was… well… I guess you could say “LUCKY!” or if you want to brag “Impeccable!”. Either way we snuck in there with about 12-14 hours to spare before he was born.

We named him Reef Shane Goldberg, he was born at 9:18am weighing in at 8lb 5oz (3.77kg) and 55cm long. Little cutie

Simple Beauty

Here’s a little portrait of my 2nd Daughter Jade. She’s such a naturally beautiful girl.


Pondering the fishes and loaves

Josh & Kira (Wedding)

Saturday was the big day for Josh and Kira. What a beautiful day it was too. This spunky couple were Sealed (Married for Time and Eternity) in the Temple (Brisbane Australia). The ceremony was finished around mid-day. After lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations with their family and friends we got some happy snaps together, followed by more at the reception held at Josh’s families home, after the reception we made the speedy get-away down to the beach for some more shots just before the sun went down. It was a great day. Excellent conditions for some super dooper shots!

Enjoy and of course please leave any comments below.

Josh and Kira (Pre-Wedding)

I had the privilege of shooting Josh and Kira for their Pre-wedding last night and thought I’d share a couple of pics from our shoot. They’re a cute couple who were great to work with. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment below!

I think this one could be an Ad for Rip Curl or something! 🙂


Princess Jade

This photo was taken for my daughter. I used my Canon 5D Mark II with my 50mm prime lens for this photo, I also used a reflector to bounce a little light back onto my cute little subject!

Here is a classic example of where you don’t have to go to some exotic location to get a good shot. This was taken in our front yard at about 4:15pm in the afternoon.

I wasn’t using any expensive lighting other than the Sun and a reflector.

I hope you like this photo, feel free to leave any comments or feedback below…

An Orthodontist on a Mission

This photo was taken on location today as part of a series of photos taken for this client Dr. Steve Semaan (Orthodontist). Dr. Semaan was looking for something unconventional and “different”. Something we may hear often from clients that they’re looking for something unique and different.

This shoot was great fun and Dr. Semaan was also relaxed and easy to work with and open to creative ideas and concepts put forward. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts or feedback. I hope you like my work. 🙂

Friday shoot

Baby love

The Path to Somewhere


Workin’ hard to make a livin’

Begging on the Streets of Bangkok

Skate & Scooter

Check out the HUGE Air!!

This morning I started off at Pizey Park, Gold Coast to see if there was any skaters, BMX or scooter guys out doing cool tricks etc. I met some cool people as you’d expect and snapped a few pics.

One of my new scooter buddies who graciously pulled of some sweet airs for the camera 🙂 Thanks man…

The Varsity Lakes boys.

Getting some nice air! (I love the shadow!)

Love this shot!

This dude was awesome! Down from Mackay QLD for the holidays ripping it up at Varsity Skate park.


Nothing like a HUGE Flip! In this shot I was actually laying on the ground and he flipped right over the top of me! Crazy stuff but lots of fun!

Great day of shooting

Met this great guy out the back of the golf club today when I was shooting the graffiti on the wall off to the right. We had a good chat and of course I took his photo!

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