Surfers before sunrise

This morning was a beautiful morning. I got up around 4am and one of my daughters (Jade) who is 7 years old had just woken up too (toilet stop hehe). Just after she got back into her bed I asked her if she would like to go down the beach and watch the sunrise. She was so excited and jumped up in a hurry to get ready.

As we were driving down to the beach I asked her if she was excited and she said “It’s a dream come true!”

That was enough to melt any Dad’s heart. Needless to say we had a lovely morning at the beach taking a few pics, only a few minor spots of rain.

Here’s another couple of pics from this morning:

I really like this one with the detail and texture of the sand and the lights from the Jetty. You probably can’t read the sign but it says “Must Keep Photographers on Leash at All Times!” hehe.

And one more…

The clouds and sky were amazing and so full of character. I also really love the reflections off the water.

And here’s a black and white of the sand and grasses. I really love black and white. It seems to capture an emotion and feeling that is not there in color.

This is Jade! She loves the beach and playing in the water and the sand 🙂

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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