Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

The real deal fisherman


Before the sun rises there are a few who get up in the middle of the night, prepare their fishing gear and make the trek to the beach, jetty or wharf to go fishing.

I met this great guy on the Jetty, a likable fellow who wouldn’t let me go until he told me a joke which he prefaced by saying “it’s a clean one!” thanks mate. He goes fishing around 3 times a week, has done for the past 20 years or so. He was also able to give me a brief history lesson of the state of the fishing and how stocks have dropped over the years.

Talking to him reminded me that fame and fortune aren’t what really matters and that we can find great joy in the simple things in life.

Morning peace

Beach life

Kids, so full of the joy of life. I took this photo of my daughter at the beach. I asked her to pose for me, dance around a little and she obliged for a few seconds! C’mon Dad! There’s so much sand, water, fun, excitement, big open spaces. No time for a photo shoot!

Either way we had a great time. I really love black and white prints and this shot I feel really captures the spirit of what it’s about in black and white best. I hope you enjoy the image and feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Beach fun

True Love

Is that your bike?

How about a kiss?

Super Star

Woman in Red

Crankin’ it!

Bike Seat

Fire and Wind

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