Broadbeach Sunrise

Last night I was talking with a good friend of mine Steve and I mentioned to him that I wasn’t sure where I was going to shoot the sunrise tomorrow. He suggested Broadbeach / Kurrawa Surf Club area. So that’s where I went! Only 10 minutes from my home and it turned out to be a beautiful sunrise too!

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A Multiplicity of Mandy

My beautiful wife Mandy. A multiplicity of Mandy’s! 🙂 She’s everywhere, she’s everywhere! Reminds me of a segment they used to have on the radio in Adelaide, South Australia called Chicken Man, their catch saying was “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!”

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North Kirra Beach – Stormy

This morning we got up around 5am to see what the big man upstairs had blessed us with in the way of sunrises. My kids absolutely love the sunrise, so last night I asked them who wanted to come. They all wanted the wake-up call at 5am to go down the beach.

This morning we went further south than normal. Down to Tweed Heads and then finally landing at North Kirra for some photos. It was an amazing morning with pretty dramatic clouds! I hope you enjoy the shots!

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Floating in the woods

Here’s my 2nd decent go at creating a ‘levitation’ shot. I hope you enjoy it. 😉 I think this one turned out pretty good.

My wife and I ventured out into the woods the other day for this shoot. Had a blast. It’s definitely fun doing things like this and get’s the creativity going. As I mentioned before I’m not the ‘creator’ of this effect, it’s been around for years in different forms but it’s kinda new for me. I’m always trying to learn and master new techniques.

Anyway, I’m thinking of creating some video tutorials at on this technique for my gold members. If this is something you think you’re interested in let me know. If not that’s cool. I’d still love to hear any feedback and thoughts you may have! Thanks again for visiting and have an awesome day.

I gotta head out and play some ball with my daughter Emma! She’s leaning over me asking me every 30 seconds if I’m ready yet!! LOL Love it!! 🙂

Sunrise, the best time…

There is no doubt about it the morning is the best part of the day. I love the peace at this special time of the day, especially at the beach. There’s a great feeling in the air.

This time of year the water is quite warm too. The photo above is of my eldest daughter Emma (10 years old). She’s a treasure. She got up this morning around 5am to go to the beach. A few days ago I went with Jade (7 years old), today with Emma. We had a great time and we met a lovely fisherman named Ian click here to read more about him.

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Another fisherman

I seem to have this thing about fishermen. This morning I took my eldest daughter Emma down the beach for sunrise. I kind of have to take it in turns now as they love their daddy daughter time early morning at the beach.

I met this guy named Ian who is a regular to the area. He was a seasoned pro at jumping out of the way of the big waves crashing over the rocks. He’s retired now and enjoys fishing in the mornings…

The forest

Surfers before sunrise

This morning was a beautiful morning. I got up around 4am and one of my daughters (Jade) who is 7 years old had just woken up too (toilet stop hehe). Just after she got back into her bed I asked her if she would like to go down the beach and watch the sunrise. She was so excited and jumped up in a hurry to get ready.

As we were driving down to the beach I asked her if she was excited and she said “It’s a dream come true!”

That was enough to melt any Dad’s heart. Needless to say we had a lovely morning at the beach taking a few pics, only a few minor spots of rain.

Here’s another couple of pics from this morning:

I really like this one with the detail and texture of the sand and the lights from the Jetty. You probably can’t read the sign but it says “Must Keep Photographers on Leash at All Times!” hehe.

And one more…

The clouds and sky were amazing and so full of character. I also really love the reflections off the water.

And here’s a black and white of the sand and grasses. I really love black and white. It seems to capture an emotion and feeling that is not there in color.

This is Jade! She loves the beach and playing in the water and the sand 🙂


Photography & Retouch: Shane Goldberg
Make-up artist and Model: Mandy Goldberg

This was alot of fun, one of my first attempts at this style of amazing imagery that has captured my mind of late. I hope you like it. Please leave any feedback and comments below.

I’ve got some cool ideas and projects involving levitation and other exciting stuff – I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘Levitation Master’ or anything like that. I’m still a grasshopper trying to master the art and express myself through this creative medium.  This whole concept is not new, it’s been around for years people like Brooke Shaden and Miss Aniela who both have some amazing work. I love it though and I’m loving exploring this side of the art… I’ll post my results when complete here on my site.

Thanks again for all your feedback and support, We’ll be in touch and if you have any questions don’t forget to Contact me 🙂

Real Beauty

The Jumping Girls

The Family

The Boys


This shot is dramatic, emotional and a little dark. The original shot was quite light but I’ve edited this image to portray strong emotions and feeling. It leaves you wondering if something is wrong or what the problem was. Let me know what you think…


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