Floating in the woods

Here’s my 2nd decent go at creating a ‘levitation’ shot. I hope you enjoy it. 😉 I think this one turned out pretty good.

My wife and I ventured out into the woods the other day for this shoot. Had a blast. It’s definitely fun doing things like this and get’s the creativity going. As I mentioned before I’m not the ‘creator’ of this effect, it’s been around for years in different forms but it’s kinda new for me. I’m always trying to learn and master new techniques.

Anyway, I’m thinking of creating some video tutorials at www.photoshopzoo.com on this technique for my gold members. If this is something you think you’re interested in let me know. If not that’s cool. I’d still love to hear any feedback and thoughts you may have! Thanks again for visiting and have an awesome day.

I gotta head out and play some ball with my daughter Emma! She’s leaning over me asking me every 30 seconds if I’m ready yet!! LOL Love it!! 🙂

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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