Broadbeach Morning Fun

Once again another sensational sunrise. This morning wasn’t quite the same though as there were very few clouds. But all the same it was a real blessing to witness it again. This morning I went to Broadbeach. I took the wide angle shot above that came out well. I hope you like it. The blue line/section off to the side was totally natural too.

There was a small swell with a few surfers out and of course plenty of early morning walkers and people exercising.

The sun just poking thru the horizon, couple of surfers out there enjoying the sunrise too!

This young fella taking an early morning walk.

This group were enjoying their early morning stretches and exercise.

I couldn’t resist, on the way home I drive past this kind of farm thing a few kilometres from the beach. This cow was just begging to have his photo taken!

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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