2017 National Masters Cycling Championships

Here’s a couple of shots from this weekend of racing the Australian Masters Cycling Criterium and Road Championships 2017.

On a personal note I’m actually so proud and happy with my results, no I didn’t get on the podium or even top 10, but I’m still stoked! Why? It was only 10 months ago I was 17kg heavier than I am now, it was only about 3-4 months ago I had my first ever cycling race.

So, that is why I’m so happy with my performance over the weekend. 10 months ago I probably would have laughed 😂😂😂 at the idea of losing so much weight and be racing in the Australian Championships 😂 but what an experience! 😉🚴‍♂️👍

In the Criterium race I came 23rd overall and finished with the lead bunch. Ave 41.5km/h and on one of the toughest hilliest Crit tracks around. Racing the best guys (my age) in the country!

Then in the Road Race out of 61 starters I came 37th  Another very tough race, 34 deg (according to my Garmin) windy, hilly too Ave. It was 76km around the Commonwealth Games 2018 Road Cycling course.

So from all of that, and with the background of my little story that’s why I’m thrilled with the results from the weekend. It’s progress, it’s a stepping stone forward. I’ve worked hard and had some incredible help along the way from my rad family Amanda Goldberg, riding buddies (Tony Vickers Ron-Amanda Hewes Josh Hannant) and Stuart Monk (who got me into racing and pushed me to race the nationals THANKS MATE!), My Cycling coach Steve Rooney (who won Gold 🏆 in his RACE Absolute Legend) and Nutrition coach Beanne Tong Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou  what a Buzz!

Next Challenge : 24hr Solo Bike race January 🤙 Revolve24 Cyclists





Mount Coot-tha Brisbane 2017


Climbing Mount Coot-Tha in Brisbane for the Great Brisbane Bike Ride 2017. Beautiful climb, had some pinchy bits, it was my first time up the climb.

The day before

The day before my beautiful wife gave birth to our first son on the 10th January 2012. Mandy had been talking to me for weeks about doing some maternity shots and I guess the timing was… well… I guess you could say “LUCKY!” or if you want to brag “Impeccable!”. Either way we snuck in there with about 12-14 hours to spare before he was born.

We named him Reef Shane Goldberg, he was born at 9:18am weighing in at 8lb 5oz (3.77kg) and 55cm long. Little cutie

Simple Beauty

Here’s a little portrait of my 2nd Daughter Jade. She’s such a naturally beautiful girl.


Pondering the fishes and loaves

Naam Tog (Thai)

This would have to be my favourite Thai dish of all. Now don’t get me wrong I have many dishes that I absolutely love and yes even crave, but Naam Tog (pork) is probably my all time favourite! LOOOOOVE it. Eaten with Sticky rice. It’s often quite spicy, just the way it should be eaten.

Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

Food glorious food

This photo was taken at a lunch we had in Korat, Thailand 2011. Absolutely delicious meal of Yum Tua Phlu prepared with love from our Thai friends!

Josh & Kira (Wedding)

Saturday was the big day for Josh and Kira. What a beautiful day it was too. This spunky couple were Sealed (Married for Time and Eternity) in the Temple (Brisbane Australia). The ceremony was finished around mid-day. After lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations with their family and friends we got some happy snaps together, followed by more at the reception held at Josh’s families home, after the reception we made the speedy get-away down to the beach for some more shots just before the sun went down. It was a great day. Excellent conditions for some super dooper shots!

Enjoy and of course please leave any comments below.

Josh and Kira (Pre-Wedding)

I had the privilege of shooting Josh and Kira for their Pre-wedding last night and thought I’d share a couple of pics from our shoot. They’re a cute couple who were great to work with. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment below!

I think this one could be an Ad for Rip Curl or something! 🙂


Princess Jade

This photo was taken for my daughter. I used my Canon 5D Mark II with my 50mm prime lens for this photo, I also used a reflector to bounce a little light back onto my cute little subject!

Here is a classic example of where you don’t have to go to some exotic location to get a good shot. This was taken in our front yard at about 4:15pm in the afternoon.

I wasn’t using any expensive lighting other than the Sun and a reflector.

I hope you like this photo, feel free to leave any comments or feedback below…

An Orthodontist on a Mission

This photo was taken on location today as part of a series of photos taken for this client Dr. Steve Semaan (Orthodontist). Dr. Semaan was looking for something unconventional and “different”. Something we may hear often from clients that they’re looking for something unique and different.

This shoot was great fun and Dr. Semaan was also relaxed and easy to work with and open to creative ideas and concepts put forward. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts or feedback. I hope you like my work. 🙂

Friday shoot

Baby love

The Path to Somewhere

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