Hey there, this little blog started out as a bit of a promotional site for my Printing business but that can all be found here: https://www.inkfxprinting.com

It’s now the home to some of my ‘average’ photography skills and a bit of a journal or record of my latest cycling adventures (I’m the one in all black above in the hurt locker!!).

I’m a keen cyclist who loves getting out riding as much as I can as often as I can. I’ve recently started racing competitively at local club and Masters level, and most recently just competed in the 2017 National Masters Championships on the Gold Coast in the Criterium and the Road Race.

It was an amazing experience!


Shane Goldberg Australian founder of Ink FX Printing with a natural flare for design, page layout, typography and Photography. Shane is an award winning professionally trained Compositor (yep the old school typesetter) Graphic Prepress guru back in the early 90′s, also semi-professionally trained photographer (I left early!!). His love of composition and imagery naturally included his pursuit of Photography and taking amazing images. Shane is a Master Retoucher as you will see from his work 😉

Shane has an equally impressive passion for business as a keen entrepreneur he decided late 2004 he would create some fun, easy to follow ‘How To’ video tutorials showing people how to use Photoshop on the internet and via CD and DVD courses.

Within a short space of time ProPhotoSecrets.com was born and Shane had 10′s of thousands of subscribers worldwide.

For over 7 years now Shane has successfully trained many tens of thousands of Photoshopers & Photographers from complete novice up to professional level including Adobe Certified Expert Status. Both online and in the classroom setting.

He looks forward to helping you take your Photography & Photoshop skills to the next level in his fun, entertaining style guaranteed “Not to put you to sleep!”

Shane has established a loyal client base from well over 80+ countries around the world with over 22,000+ subscribers and continues to grow each and every month.

Shane is proud to be the selected provider for services to a number of leading colleges and education institutions within Australia and overseas. He has also taught Photoshop in the classroom (Secondary Colleges) and in TAFE colleges.

Shane has produced many Photoshop and Elements training titles on CD, DVD and also Books. Click here to check out some of Shane’s products.

Shane has been very blessed with a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful daughters that keep him busy and on his toes! Some of their photos are included on the site here 😉

Just for your interest you maybe wondering what type of camera and computer I have and all that. Some people find that really interesting. If that is you then read on!

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II, couple of different lenses 50mm F1.8, and 24-105mm. Absolutely love my camera 🙂 I’ve been using Photoshop for almost 20 years now so as you can guess that is my main editing piece of software.

I currently have a Mac Pro (Dual Quad Core – 8xCores), 16GB RAM, 30″ Apple Cinema Display with a 2nd Monitor Lacie 21″. I’ve also got a little MacBook Pro 13″ laptop for work on the go and traveling. My wife has an iMac 24″ plus a MacBook laptop too. I’ve also got an old PC laying around here somewhere but it rarely ever gets turned on! hehe :) One of my favourite pieces of hardware is my Wacom tablet! Don’t leave home with-out it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time I look forward to hearing from you and working together sometime soon!

Call: +61 415 622 733 (Int) or 0415 622 733 (within Australia)
Email: shane@shanegoldberg.com

Have a GREAT day.

Kind Regards,

Shane Goldberg

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