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Skate & Scooter

Check out the HUGE Air!!

This morning I started off at Pizey Park, Gold Coast to see if there was any skaters, BMX or scooter guys out doing cool tricks etc. I met some cool people as you’d expect and snapped a few pics.

One of my new scooter buddies who graciously pulled of some sweet airs for the camera 🙂 Thanks man…

The Varsity Lakes boys.

Getting some nice air! (I love the shadow!)

Love this shot!

This dude was awesome! Down from Mackay QLD for the holidays ripping it up at Varsity Skate park.


Nothing like a HUGE Flip! In this shot I was actually laying on the ground and he flipped right over the top of me! Crazy stuff but lots of fun!

Great day of shooting

Met this great guy out the back of the golf club today when I was shooting the graffiti on the wall off to the right. We had a good chat and of course I took his photo!

Kurrawa Through My Eyes

More adventures from the barefoot photographer, this morning I went up the road to a different location. The Kurrawa Surf Club. It was another amazing morning. Some nice clouds to make for some more dramatic shots. Today I was shooting predominantly with my Fish Eye lense. I’m loving it lots!! Kinda feels like Christmas already for me.

Good Morning Kurrawa

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I love these stairs and the textures of the wood. Plus the lighting here was very cool with the lights from the sunrise plus the artificial light from the surf club.

A morning walk on the beach! It doesn’t get much better.

More cow shots! For some reason the cows were a bit scared of me this morning. Maybe it was my sunglasses, or maybe my bare feet! LOL


More from Burleigh

This morning I went to Burleigh Beach. It was a weird morning. Not that many people out compared to normal. Maybe the wet weather has been a deterrent for some. Either way, today I wanted to use my new Fisheye lense. All 3 shots you see here are taken with my Fish eye lense.

I think my favourite shot today is of the stairs above. But all of them have their unique feel to them. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment below 🙂

3-Day Workshop for Wedding Photographers


I’ve Been in discussion with Brett Florens Photography (Brett is one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World)!! CONFIRMED Brett to come over here to the Gold Coast, Australia from South Africa to run his 3-Day Intensive Workshop for me & my clients!!! If you’re interested in going let me know ASAP. ONLY around 10 spots available!

This is going to be AWESOME. Brett is a great guy, photographer and teacher.

The workshop will be held in September here on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.

Wedding Photography Training Workshop

The “Nikon Behind the Lens Wedding Workshop” is a fully intensive 3 day workshop covering everything from marketing and shooting the wedding, to post production. It is an interactive course with me, Brett Florens, which will include

  • Live shoots using models at a simulated wedding

Plus, Brett will give you close personal attention regarding your portfolio and marketing material.

The first day deals with your kit requirements as well as advice on running a sustainable business, marketing and dealing with the client. In the afternoon we shoot an engagement session with models concluding around six o’clock in the evening.

The second day deals with lighting and preparation for the real wedding, the afternoon is filled with shooting the wedding with the couple that we had shot the previous day. We shoot the bridal preparation and then off to the ceremony. We break for dinner and then get going with some creative night shooting, after a very long day we finish up at around eleven o’clock.

The third day deals with postproduction and post wedding sales. We chat about the relationship with the lab and how to get great print results. We then go through your images and marketing material, in a constructive open session. You may use all the images shot whilst on the workshop for your own marketing and advertising purposes.

Brett Florens is looking forward to sharing and learning with you!

Shoot me an email ( for more information.

Here’s a couple of Brett’s images below.

Broadbeach Morning Fun

Once again another sensational sunrise. This morning wasn’t quite the same though as there were very few clouds. But all the same it was a real blessing to witness it again. This morning I went to Broadbeach. I took the wide angle shot above that came out well. I hope you like it. The blue line/section off to the side was totally natural too.

There was a small swell with a few surfers out and of course plenty of early morning walkers and people exercising.

The sun just poking thru the horizon, couple of surfers out there enjoying the sunrise too!

This young fella taking an early morning walk.

This group were enjoying their early morning stretches and exercise.

I couldn’t resist, on the way home I drive past this kind of farm thing a few kilometres from the beach. This cow was just begging to have his photo taken!

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Burleigh Morning Swim

These young fellas went our for an early morning swim and body surf, armed with their flippers and body surf boards (strapped to their hands with mini fins underneath). The water was 24 degrees this morning with the outside temp around 19 at 5:50am or so! The water was beautiful, glassy with a small swell. A whole group of these guys went out for their early morning swim and body surf to come back in afterwards to a delightful breakfast cooked by their lovely wives!

In the background is Surfers Paradise, Queensland

This one speaks for itself! Beauty, peace and serenity. Early morning Burleigh Beach.

There wasn’t a real big swell this morning but enough for quite a few people to get out for an early morning swim and body surf.

The lone ranger bottle in the brown paper bag!! haha I couldn’t help take this one. This bottle of grog sitting there on the ledge watching the most amazing sunrise all by itself! I had to have a chuckle to myself.

This one is titled “The Lava Sunrise”, as soon as my daughter Jade saw this pic she said “WOW! That looks like lava.

Currumbin Beach Sunrise

This morning, another 5am start, I was a little slower getting out of bed this morning. But once I was moving the excitement kicked in again. Today I ventured down to Currumbin Beach. It’s one of my favourites. It’s a great place to walk and there’s beautiful rocks, rock pools and if there’s a good swell there’s normally plenty of surfers out. There was a little swell this morning.

I found another fisherman today as you can see below. Enjoy the pics and feel free to leave a comment below

The photo above is not a real person. It’s actually a statue! 🙂

The fisherman caught a small shark! He threw it back. He didn’t kiss it first though haha

My tripod and flip flops (thongs). As I mentioned before I have a real soft spot for black and white photography. Hope you can see the grain in this photo. There’s something about grain that I LOVE!! 🙂 Have an awesome day.

Surfers Sunrise

This morning Jade (my 7 year old daughter) and I got up around 5am and went out for the sunrise again. It was a kind of bleak, rainy, dark kind of morning. We still got a couple of nice shots.

The first one is from near the Gold Coast City Council looking towards Surfers with the sun rising behind. This is actually just before sunrise around 5:42am.

The 2nd shot below is from the beach in Surfers Paradise. I hope you enjoy them.

Broadbeach Sunrise

Last night I was talking with a good friend of mine Steve and I mentioned to him that I wasn’t sure where I was going to shoot the sunrise tomorrow. He suggested Broadbeach / Kurrawa Surf Club area. So that’s where I went! Only 10 minutes from my home and it turned out to be a beautiful sunrise too!

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A Multiplicity of Mandy

My beautiful wife Mandy. A multiplicity of Mandy’s! 🙂 She’s everywhere, she’s everywhere! Reminds me of a segment they used to have on the radio in Adelaide, South Australia called Chicken Man, their catch saying was “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!”

Enjoy this photo and leave a comment below…

North Kirra Beach – Stormy

This morning we got up around 5am to see what the big man upstairs had blessed us with in the way of sunrises. My kids absolutely love the sunrise, so last night I asked them who wanted to come. They all wanted the wake-up call at 5am to go down the beach.

This morning we went further south than normal. Down to Tweed Heads and then finally landing at North Kirra for some photos. It was an amazing morning with pretty dramatic clouds! I hope you enjoy the shots!

Please leave a comment below…Love the feedback (I’m a typical male who needs to be told he’s doing a good job!! LOL hahahaha – my wife would agree I’m sure!!)


Floating in the woods

Here’s my 2nd decent go at creating a ‘levitation’ shot. I hope you enjoy it. 😉 I think this one turned out pretty good.

My wife and I ventured out into the woods the other day for this shoot. Had a blast. It’s definitely fun doing things like this and get’s the creativity going. As I mentioned before I’m not the ‘creator’ of this effect, it’s been around for years in different forms but it’s kinda new for me. I’m always trying to learn and master new techniques.

Anyway, I’m thinking of creating some video tutorials at on this technique for my gold members. If this is something you think you’re interested in let me know. If not that’s cool. I’d still love to hear any feedback and thoughts you may have! Thanks again for visiting and have an awesome day.

I gotta head out and play some ball with my daughter Emma! She’s leaning over me asking me every 30 seconds if I’m ready yet!! LOL Love it!! 🙂

Sunrise, the best time…

There is no doubt about it the morning is the best part of the day. I love the peace at this special time of the day, especially at the beach. There’s a great feeling in the air.

This time of year the water is quite warm too. The photo above is of my eldest daughter Emma (10 years old). She’s a treasure. She got up this morning around 5am to go to the beach. A few days ago I went with Jade (7 years old), today with Emma. We had a great time and we met a lovely fisherman named Ian click here to read more about him.

If you can leave a comment below I’d really appreciate that. Let me know what photo you liked best and why! All the more feedback the better. I hope you like my work and if you want to see more of it let me know…

Another fisherman

I seem to have this thing about fishermen. This morning I took my eldest daughter Emma down the beach for sunrise. I kind of have to take it in turns now as they love their daddy daughter time early morning at the beach.

I met this guy named Ian who is a regular to the area. He was a seasoned pro at jumping out of the way of the big waves crashing over the rocks. He’s retired now and enjoys fishing in the mornings…